The Hershey Christian Academy is a small, Christ-centered school focused solely on providing a well-rounded, fulfilling, and Christian-based education to each of our wonderful students. As a Christian organization, we believe in love and kindness towards others, and promote peace over violence. We learned yesterday, January 14, 2021, that a person wearing our school's name has been depicted in photographs taken at or near the United States Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. Having received many inquiries today, please understand that the person depicted in the photographs is not a board member, employee, or representative of Hershey Christian Academy. Hershey Christian Academy, as an organization, does not engage in political activities, and has no political views of its own, nor does Hershey Christian Academy express any opinions on the political beliefs of others. Hershey Christian Academy is available to any and all law enforcement authorities that are investigating this matter, and they will have our full cooperation.