Why Choose Hershey Christian Academy?

Welcome to the Hershey Christian Academy. I am so glad you took time to look into our school! We have so much to offer your child and your family. Let me tell you a little about why HCA and our community are worth considering.

We offer your child a faith journey that will lead to discovery of skills, talents, and purpose in life that comes from a loving God, a Savior who finds worth in a relationship with us, His creation. Whether it is through music, academics, the arts, or athletics, he or she will be immersed in learning, all while developing a biblical worldview.

Those very skills and purposes are realized in each student through academic excellence and challenge that comes from a highly trained teaching staff. These are teachers who believe with all their hearts that every student is worth extra effort and attention to provide the greatest learning experience with the most impact.

At Hershey Christian Academy, we come alongside you as a parent to encourage, support, and provide a community that teams together to educate your child. We have multiple opportunities for your family to be involved at HCA and to be an influence in the direction of your child’s education. We invite you to engage with us in exploring this faith and education journey. We are in this together, because Every Child is Worth It!

Chris Miller
Hershey Christian Academy

Our Mission

Hershey Christian Academy is committed to cultivating an educational environment where students are challenged to think independently and purposefully, where a grace-centered approach allows individual growth, self-confidence and worth in a safe classroom environment.

We are convinced that an education that has Christ at the core will empower and equip students to be leaders in tomorrow’s world.

Our Vision

In partnership with parents we prepare students to be individuals who are….

  • Christ-centered

  • Gracious and forgiving

  • Genuine

  • Servant leaders

  • Persons of character

  • Committed to the betterment and growth of others

  • Critical thinkers

  • Global citizens who respect cultural diversity

  • Resolvers of conflict through a restorative model, and

  • Motivated learners who strive to reach their highest potential.