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Hershey Christian Academy welcomes your homeschool students to join our enrolled students in a number of our Innovative Programs and/or core classes!  Your child will be matched by ability and grade level to receive the full benefit of these classes.

They will enjoy the experience of community with students their own age and benefit from the Christian character, academic guidance and experience of our teachers.

Art class will use a variety of artistic media including drawing,  painting,  sculpture,  and textiles.  Students will be introduced to famous works of art history and forge connections with other cultures.

Makerspace is a STEAM lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), where hands-on learning and discovery will be utilized.  Guided inquiry will invite more questions and experimentation, leading the child to develop more enthusiasm to explore.

Spanish is available for all levels of instruction.  This will include introductory as well as conversational skills.

Digital Skills will include computer literacy and science. Our teacher will guide the children in a way that honors God with these digital skills and will instill ways to be a good witness to the world.

Music will have a 3-fold emphasis. First, to realize the primary purpose of music is to glorify God and worship Him. Secondly, to help students discover their musical abilities and develop those skills. Finally, to create an atmosphere of love and enjoyment for music, both as a performer and listener. Children will be included in concerts and other school performances. We will also have group and/or individual instrumental music lessons available for an additional cost.

Physical Education includes a wide variety of activities that teach students motor skills and movement patterns that enhance physical activity and fitness; teach students concepts, principles and strategies related to athletic performance; and teach students behavior patterns that reflect principles in God’s Word. 

English:  Analyzing & Interpreting Literature is designed to help students identify literary devices and develop biblically-informed discernment in communication. This class will prepare students to take the related CLEP course at the end of the year for a possible 3 college credits. Students will read and discuss a wide variety of literature, including Beowulf and The Pilgrim’s Progress, and develop skills and analyze them for meaning and impact. A systematic program of memorizing Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and stems will lead to greater mastery of the English language. Individual and group projects designed to improve oral and written communication skills complete a well-rounded and engaging study.  This is a full-year class.

Western Civilization I: Western Civilization I is a survey of history including the Ancient Near East, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Reformation, and Early Modern Europe. The course will prepare students to attempt to earn 3 college credits through the related CLEP exam at the end of the school year. Even better than this, though, is the inclusion of the biblical record in the story of mankind, so often neglected in ancient history texts. Students will learn how to take notes, how to research and lead investigative discussions, how to fuel their curiosity for knowledge with biblical and archaeological evidence, and how to work together to create interesting presentations based on their discoveries. This is a full-year class.

Science: To be announced shortly. This is a full-year class.

Math: To be announced shortly. This is a full-year class.

2020-2021 Tuition

Full year for one specials class$360/each specials class
Half year for one specials class$225/each specials class
Application Fee$35
Supplies/Technology$35/each elementary class
Supplies/Technology$50/each secondary class