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Sponsor-a-Student & Free Meal Program


Many people assume that only financially blessed families send their children to private Christian school. HCA strives to make it possible for any child, regardless of their family’s economic status, to benefit from a Christian education. Please consider partnering with us to make a difference in the next generation and for eternity!

*$6,790 would completely sponsor an elementary student for one year.
* $7,790 would completely sponsor a secondary student for one year.
*$50 would sponsor free lunches for one student for one month.

Any amount of sponsorship is appreciated, and 100% of donations given to this program will help cover the cost of qualifying students’ tuition, meals, and school supplies. Thank you for helping to spread the love of Jesus!

For additional information on sponsoring a child, please contact Alysia Wertley at [email protected] or by calling 717-312-7595.