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Communication and Transparency

“As a former Hershey Christian School teacher, there was simply no other school I would want for my children. During the 10+ years I taught there, Hershey Christian became my family. Though the location has changed, returning to this community has felt like coming home. My husband and I now have school-aged twins, each with very different areas of giftedness. The school has been willing to partner with us to accomplish our goals of getting both children on track with their appropriate grade placement. While larger schools may overlook their unique areas of strengths, the staff at Hershey Christian Academy not only takes time to see, know, and understand each of my children, but also celebrates their uniqueness. I love that they see every child as extraordinary.

As a parent, I am thrilled with the ease of communication and transparency. We have been in constant contact as we transitioned from a different school system and monitor how the twins are doing. By being a small school, my child cannot be overlooked or left unchallenged. I have complete confidence in this school to care for my children and this place has quickly become home for them as well. They absolutely love it and come home pouring themselves into continuing to practice what they have learned and play school at home.”